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Got dumped, renewed passport.

Well, no concrete plans of crossing any ponds yet, but had a bad day and decided to make it better by finally getting around to renewing my passport. After that pesky divorce in 2011 and all that business changing my name back to my actual name (what's with this "maiden" crap, anyway?) I stopped short of the passport...too much work. Couldn't even think of travelling abroad when I was thinking of how to live, get a roof over my head, pay the bills.

So, today I got dumped by a dude that I wasn't even that into. I decided a while ago when a man has me feeling down I'll take concrete steps to strengthen my own identity, hence, the passport. I think the universe is trying to tell me something...

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Testing 123

Can you hear me now?


So this is just a quick test...initial blog post...currently stranded on rock. Next escape: Late February to Anchor-town for work (I'll take it!). I love my island but it's seriously cold and dark right now and local folks are getting their sketchy, grumpy, weirdness on...note to anyone wishing to visit Kodiak: come in July ans August for best weather and lush green landscape (maybe even sunshine and temps in 70's), but if you are hardcore and want to see the REAL Kodiak...come in Jan/Feb...

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